August 17, 2018

6 Things You Can Do With A Rotary Tool

The rotary tool is truly the ultimate product in multi-purpose DIY. With 109 accessories, the Ozito rotary tool with flexible shaft comes with everything you need to put your imagination to work. From fantastic custom designs to completing the intricate parts of detailed DIY jobs, the rotary tool can do a seemingly endless amount of handy jobs. Check out our latest video for all the important details about our new rotary tool kit.


Common Rotary Tool Applications

Make the cut

You can either use a cutting wheel or a straight bit to complete cutting jobs with your rotary tool. The flexible shaft and small cutting area makes this the perfect tool for detailed cuts, particularly when working with metals or plastics. Common reasons to use a rotary tool for cutting include:

  • Shaving edges or trimming plastic
  • Making fine cuts in intricate metal work projects
  • Cutting holes into plaster board

Carve it up

One of the best applications for the rotary tool is carving and engraving. The flexible shaft gives you complete control, allowing you to engrave and draw just as you would with a pen or pencil.

Sand up a storm

If you’ve created a DIY piece with lots of tight corners and intricate details you’ll know that there are some areas even a detail sander can’t access. For all those hard to reach places, the rotary tool with flexible shaft is the perfect alternative to sanding by hand.

Elaborate drilling

For all those intricate drilling tasks, the included bits can be used to drill through all types of plastic and wood.

Grind it down

The grinding attachment is great for sharpening up household items like kitchen knives. It can also be used on metal projects to grind away areas where there are small sharp edges.

Polish off

The cleaning and polishing attachments are so versatile that they can clean your power tools just as easily as they polish your jewellery.

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