August 17, 2018

Tips when using the Power X Change Drill Driver Kit

The trusty drill driver is a must have for nearly all your DIY household projects and needs from drilling holes to driving screws and even assembly tasks. To complete the wide variety of jobs across multiple materials you will need to use a number of different drill and driver bits. The Power X Change Drill Driver Kit comes with 71 of the most commonly used drill and driver bits giving you the power and versatility to complete nearly any job straight from the box. To help you plan when to use which drill bit, we’ve compiled this handy guide to the most commonly used drill bits.

High Speed Steel (HSS) Bits

Sometimes called the ‘twist’ bit, this is your common, stock standard drill bit with an angled blade at the pointy end and a twisting groove called “the flute” running around the drill bit to help drag out the debris from the hole. They are extremely multi-purpose and can be used for wood, metal or plastics.

Brad Point / Dowel Bits

These are the bits with the small pointed tip and spurs on either side of the tip. Due to their shape, they are often referred to as W-point drill bits – when you look at the side profile it looks like a “W”. They are one of the most commonly used bits for wood and the shape ensures the drill bit won’t grab, allowing you to produce clean, even holes.

Driver Bits

As the name suggests, these are the smaller drill bits that will be used to drive in all your screws. Your kit comes with flat-head, Phillips head, square drive and torx driver bits in various sizes so that you’ll be able to handle any screw the job throws at you.

Countersink Bits

These dense, chunky drill bits are used to create a bevelled hollow so the screw head can sit flush with the surface in hard wood or metal. They are also available to create a pilot hole and the countersink in one bit instead of doing them separately for a cleaner finish.

Spade Bits

The wide bit with a distinguished spike at the top is called a spade bit. These are exclusively used for drilling wide holes into wood.

To try the various drill bits out for yourself, pick the Compact Drill Driver Kit with 71 accessories and ‘Do It With Ozito.’

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