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7 Tips To Perfect Your Spray Gun Technique

The 400W Ozito Spray Gun is a versatile, lightweight tool that’s perfect for small to medium jobs. If you’re looking to paint your new DIY chair, or re-paint a fence, then this is the perfect tool for you.

It comes with a flow regulator, viscosity cup and can be used for both oil and water paints, giving you total control of your paint job.
Check out this video for some tips on using a viscosity cup to get paint ready for your paint sprayer.

To help get you started and ensure you get the desired finish on your next job we’ve put together our top tips when painting with a spray gun.

Keep it moving

Spray guns deliver paint at rapid speed, if you leave the gun in one spot when applying paint the paint will run, and you will get an uneven coat. To prevent this, start moving your spray gun before you start applying paint. Keep the gun in motion using long, straight movements at all times.

Mind your distance

A distance of 25-30cm from your surface is generally recommended when using a spray gun. This will help you have the control you need to apply a nice even coat. Try to keep the distance consistent; even a small change can make a big difference:

For example, if you halved the distance between the spray gun and the surface area, you’d be applying paint four times faster.

Play it straight

Tilting the sprayer up and down will result in an uneven coat. Moving the gun in an arc may feel natural, but this will result in a ‘bowtie’ effect, with the application of the paint getting darker and narrower towards the middle of the arc.

Keep overlapping

With each application try to cover about 2cm of the previous spray, this will prevent light areas or streaky spots.

Quicker around corners

To avoid overloading the edges and corners move your spray gun slightly quicker.

Keep it clean

If you notice an unusual change in the way your paint is applying, clean the nozzle and guard with the cleaning tools provided. This will remove any build up that may be interfering with your painting.

Test and try

Your spray gun comes with three settings for flow regulation and a narrow tip accessory. Experiment with these settings to find the right rate of application for the job you’re working on.

As an added tip, it is generally better to put your paint on too light in the beginning. If your paint job is too light, it can be easily fixed with an extra coat. If you apply too much paint you may overload your surface, and in time a heavy paint job is more likely to peel.

Now that you know the basics it’s time for you to go out there and ‘Do it With Ozito.’