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Tired of pesky leaves, stray grass clippings, tan bark and other debris cluttering your garden paths and driveway? If you’re after a lightweight, powerful and easy to operate blower, you’re in luck; The 2 X 18V Brushless Jet Blower Skin provides the perfect solution to keep your walkways neat and tidy. All you need is a couple of PXC batteries to get you underway.


Oh, So Simple

Aside from the obvious benefit of being cordless, the ergonomic design, comfort grip and shoulder strap on the Jet Blower means it’s super easy and comfortable to use for extended periods in the garden.

Power Up

With 36 volts of power, brushless motor technology and a variable speed dial, this unit will provide you with maximum control and versatility around your home. To move wet leaves or wet grass clippings, simply hit the Turbo button to blast them away.


Change It Up

The variable speed function gives you ultimate control. Reduce the power when moving grass clippings or leaves from smooth paths or driveway surfaces and dial the power up or hit the Turbo button when you’re moving grass clippings on tough areas like grass.

Work With The Wind

If there’s a breeze, try not to work directly against it, let the wind direction help you corral your leaves into a small pile ready for collection. Use the metal ring on the end of the nozzle to help budge stubborn debris.

Break It Up

Section your garden into smaller workable areas to create multiple piles instead of one big pile of leaves or grass clippings, making it easy to collect and handle.

Say goodbye to leaves, grass clippings and debris and hello to a tidy courtyard and driveway. Grab your Brushless Jet Blower today.