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Impact driver vs drill driver

Impact driver vs drill driver (and how to know when to use which)

The trusty drill driver has been a go-to power tool for as long as we can remember. Recently, however, the arrival of the impact driver has thrown a spanner in the works. This new challenger has burst onto the scene and into toolboxes everywhere. Although they are very similar your drill and impact driver have different strengths, meaning each are more suited to different jobs. We’ll break down the key differences and uses for you in the ultimate DIY battle, impact driver vs drill driver!

Drill Driver

The drill driver is a power tool at the peak of its power. Throughout the years it has been streamlined and improved. It’s lost the cord and has become as lightweight and reliable as possible.

For years we’ve used them to drive screws into whatever surface we please with a smooth and seamless force; although, with those trickier jobs comes a sore wrist and occasionally a strip of screw heads.

The drill is flexible; with variable speeds, which is handy for when you want to switch between drilling holes and pushing screws in. The modern drill also has an automatic spindle lock to quickly change attachments on the fly.

The drill driver is truly a kitbag mainstay for many years to come.

Impact Driver

Despite appearing very similar to the drill driver, the impact driver works differently and has some fancy upgrades in comparison to the trusty drill.

To start with, it acts as a typical drill when drilling a hole or pushing a screw. The added bonus is that when the impact driver senses resistance, it can produce greater power. This also adds greater control and leaves you with no more tired arms from holding up bits and bobs. An added bonus is that it makes you less likely to waste screws by stripping their heads. The downside of the impact driver is that it can be risky as you can never be quite sure when it’s going to kick in, so it’s not as ideal for those precise jobs with very particular screw lengths.

The question isn’t really do I need a drill driver or an impact driver but which one will I get more use out of?  Hopefully this gives you a bit of guidance and helps you pick the right tool for your needs.